Khoo Guo Jie is a photographer based in Singapore and takes on assignment globally.

His Interests revolve around his curiosity with architectural forms, spaces and objects. He have a strong sense of need to explore and experiment with the photographic process to capture the way we see the world in a cinematic fashion. Please drop an e-mail for more information, a meet up or to commission a shoot

Air BnB, Enviro-Tec, Facebook, Fuur Associates, Farm, Group 8 Asia, Gallagher & Associates, Keppel Land, Lamitak, Linghao Architects, Locus Associates, Monocle Magazine, Mark Magazine, Parkway Group Healthcare, .PSLAB, Pencil Office, Red Bean Architects, Out of Stock Design, Practice Theory, Foreign Policy Design, The New York Times, Fred Perry, Vanke, Wy-To Architects, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Cubes Magazine, Wired Magazine.

Studio Periphery
Studio Periphery is dedicated to producing striking and timeless imagery with a portfolio spanning multiple genres.

We mainly shoot on digital formats but are not held back by the traditional and everlasting art of film photography.

Working as a team, Studio Periphery are photographers, Marc Tan and Khoo Guo Jie.

e: hello@studioperiphery.com
e: guojie@studioperiphery.com
ig: @betonbrutstudio
m: +65 9624 8871
w: www.studioperiphery.com